Z Star


Z-Star is the Psychedelic Rock-Soul project of Zee Gachette a British/Trinidadian singer-songwriter, musician, artist, and record producer based in Brighton and signed to Muthastar Records. Zee has released three albums under the name Z-STAR,[1] Voodoo Dragon Risin (VDR 2000), Who Loves Lives (EMI 2004) and Masochists & Martyrs (Muthastar 2010). Each album is very different with an eclectic mix of songs and sounds. Her live performances have a raw energy running throughout and have been attracting rave reviews around the UK and beyond.
We’re eagerly anticipating Z-Star as it’s something very different and incredibly compelling. As soon as we heard them we felt that their music would offer 2017’s festival a new angle – we can’t wait…

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