Pattern Pusher

Pattern Pusher are a quartet from Exeter comprising of four music fans aspiring to create the sound of bands past and new and their infleunces shine through: the craft of Tin Pan Alley, the credence of Post-Punk and sonic spectrum of Electronic music. They certainly have a distinct sound and have been attracting a growing number of fans here in Devon but also further afield. No two Pattern Pusher songs sound the same and there is a real art within their soundscapes.

Another gem that we discovered at Balcony TV Exeter and The Bimble Inn at Beautiful Days, Pattern Pusher were an instant hit with us as we’d not heard anything like them. They sound like Talk Talk with a real edge and to hear them live is truly something else. The decision to book them for 2017 almost made itself and not only do they make great and at times complex music they are also really good chaps…

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