Line Up Programme


All timings are approximate….


Whetstone Stage

10:50pm DJ Grandpapayellaman

9:40pm Molotov Jukebox

7:40pm Pattern Pusher

5:40pm Whiskey For The Wounded

Beacon Stage

8:40pm Funke & The Two Tone Baby

6:40pm Sadie Horler

4:40pm Circe’s Diner


Whetstone Stage

12midnight DJ Cheeba

10:30pm Z-Star

8:30pm Town Of Cats

6:20pm Emerald Armada

4:20pm Spark The Sail

2:20pmMount Nakara

11:40am Drop In The Ocean

Beacon Stage

9:30pm Animal Noise

7:30pm Barbarella’s Bang Bang

5:30pm Xylaroo

3:30pm Nina Harris

1:30pm Ella Crossland

12:30pm Sculpture Music

Keep an ear out for the sound of samba across the day too as the very talented Break Beat Bandits will be popping up to add extra flavour and get us up and moving…

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