Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants performing energetically on stage with even a trombone in sight
Land of the Giants performing at one of their many gigs across the country

Land of the Giants are a unique, energetic and exciting band from right here in the South West and, come May 16th, will be on the Altitude stage ready to get you all dancing.

Their music brings together funk, ska, folk, dance and elements from so many other genres that their songs will drive an audience mad and really get the party started.


Like a lot of independent bands they’ve forged their name on their own, playing shows across the country pulling in fans as they go. I think their popularity speaks for itself, they must have something special if they have such love and support behind them.

To prepare yourself for their live set in May check out the music page on their website as well as their YouTube channel to get a real sense of what Land of the Giants is all about.

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