Top 10 Altitude Tips


As Altitude Festival isn’t too far away, it’s a great opportunity to share with you some of our top tips for the festival, how to maximise the magic and how to make sure that you truly have a weekend to remember.

So here they are: our Top 10 Altitude Tips from getting here, getting in and getting on:

1 Plan your travel

We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful part of the world. We have views, woodland and clear nights for amazing stargazing. We want to keep it that way so reducing traffic is just one part of that. If you have a valid Altitude camping or campervan ticket then you can drive direct to the festival site. If you are not camping onsite then head to Forest Glade campsite and catch one of our regular festival shuttles – it’s a five-minute ride. This keeps the small roads clearer of traffic and makes it easier to relax!

2 Enjoy the Theme

On Saturday our theme is ‘Day Of The Dead’, Mexicana, anything colourful – it’s a celebration of life. It’s a fun suggestion so you can dress up in whatever you wish! There’s no right or wrong. Come as you are or take time to add to the vibe – either way, we’ll have a great time and remember we’re not trying to scare the daylights out of each other. It’s more about a splash of colour and a celebration of festivals around the world.

3 Be in the know

With over 30 bands on offer it might be a good idea to swot up on them. See who you like the sound of and think about who you want to discover live. Lose a few hours on the website browsing the bands and dive into the YouTube rabbit hole. Impress your friends with your muso knowledge of up and coming bands.

4 Camp Light

Sometimes you think you need every supply under the sun especially when camping. Relax. We have it covered. Kentisbeare Village Shop will be on hand selling the essentials whilst our street food will keep you full from the moment you arrive. Just remember a torch, wellies, coat, sun hats and your festival wardrobe.

5 Keeping the kids entertained

Download the kids programme. We’ve added a brand new children’s entertainment area called The Borough which will be the go-to place with your kids and it features the full programme which has been cleverly devised by the man himself Dan The Hat. It’s also the perfect place to head to if you’re a big kid yourself!!

6 Negotiate your ‘take-turns’ strategy

If you’re coming as a family then you need to get your ‘band turn-taking’ strategy together. Who is going to be with the children when they’re asleep and who is going to carry on the night? Who’s going to end the night on the dance floor, who’s going to take the hit… Get working on it and negotiate with the band line up in mind!

7 Drink responsibly

Yes we want fun but know your limits. Certainly drink plenty of water across the weekend. Also bear in mind that our profits go to supporting local charities and organisations so every time you buy a drink you are helping our community. You may not know them but each sip of drink helps create something better. Now if that’s not the best definition of ‘drinking responsibly’ then we’d love to hear different…

8 Stash the cash

As we are in the countryside one of the last things you’ll see here is a cash machine. We are a cash-based festival so come prepared. The nearest cash point is Cullompton – 5 miles away down the country lanes. So if you like making a list to plan your festival weekend then make sure in big bold letters you write the word ‘CASH’ or if need be write it on your partner’s forehead…

9 Be prepared for all weathers

If you hadn’t noticed, Devon is in the UK. The weather is UK weather. Which means that anything can happen at any time. Bring your sun cream, wellies, water and umbrellas with you. Bring them – regardless of the forecast!!

10 Stay Safe

Remember that your children’s safety is just as important to us as it is to you. All under 10s will be given a coloured wristband to identify them and this will tell the gate people that they cannot leave the site without an adult. You can give your older children these too if you are concerned or have special needs.

We’re here for you. You probably have questions. You may have things that you’d like to find out. Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Our email is – looking forward to seeing you in June – Team Altitude


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